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The images in the galleries show various Rail related
pictures - all taken in 2003-2005

Subsequently a long term visit to S.Yorks during 2008
resulted in a series of images being taken at various sites
reflecting the current state of what were once
exciting and interesting rail venues...
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Gallery Image Sequence Description
26: 0 - 65 22.Tinsley.
A selection of images continuing the work started in
Gallery Four. There are also some pictures of the old
Sheffield-Rotherham Canal. A very pleasant walk can be
had between the 2 places along some fascinating industrial
scenery. In addition - some picture of the TWO TOWERS
The Tinsley Cooling Towers just after they were demolished
on August 24th 2008... A sad loss
11th March, 2nd May, 10th/18th June, 25th August, 2008.
25: 0 - 34 21.Nunnery.
Pictures taken around the old Nunnery Goods Station.
This is now of course right next to the Sheffield Parkway.
It's is hard to understand how this has survived but there
is much old structure to look at, standing as it does - alone
in the middle of hugely bustlinjg traffic.
1st September, 2008.
24: 0 - 6 20.Midland-Treeton.
Moving south along the Midland 'Old Road' we come
to Treeton Junction. This formed a junction from
the Midland line, from Tinsley Yard and to Orgreave
Colliery. Site of the 1984 Miners strike and Police
22nd June, 2008.
23: 0 - 33 19.Midland-Brightside.
Moving on towards Sheffield from Holmes Junction
we come to 1st Wincobank and then Brightside.
Much of the old infra-structure remains though this
is of course a closed station, as can be seen.
14th July, 2008.
22: 0 - 33 18.Midland-Holmes.
My first rail stomping ground at the age of about 7 or 8.
Much interest here, the old Masboro rail lines, Steel St.,
The canal next to the rail with the south curve bridge over
so forming a triangle of lines with Masboro and the North
Sidings signal box at the end of the South curve.
2nd May, 2008.
21: 0 - 5 17.Midland-Bamford.
Beyond Hathersage again heading towards Manchester
from Sheffield, is Bamford Station. This is
quite close to where I was living during much of
the stay in the UK. Again ac harming station, again
with one or two relics of times gone by.
22nd January, 2008.
20: 0 - 10 16.Midland-Hathersage.
Beyond Grindleford the line continues along
the Hope Valley and the next stop is Hathersage.
Some relics of times gone by and stunning scenery
make this a lovely place to while away a few hours.
29th April, 2008.
19: 0 - 68 15.Midland-Grindleford.
At the other end of Dore Tunnel, No.9 and 6230 yards
long, is Grindleford. This has a charming station,
with Semaphore signalling, twin track and sidings
and the old Grindleford Signal Box...
28th April/4th July, 2008.
18: 0 - 16 14.Midland-Dore_Millhouses.
Pictures taken south of Sheffield on the North
Midland line starting at Dore and Totley. Straight
on is Dore Tunnel, and veering to the left, Bradwat
Tunnel, site of maintenance work, Sept-Dec. 2008
19th December, 2007.
17: 0 - 51 13.GCR-Rotherham.
The old GCR line North of Rotherham. The
lattice bridge is less than half a mile from where
I used to live. I well remember as a ~4 year old being
taken a walk over this bridge in the darkness of a
wingter night and a long freight steaming past underneath,
and bathing me in steam and oil and smoke....
13 Jan, 2007/20th March 2008.
16: 0 - 15 12.GCR-Meadow_Hall.
Pictures around the old South curve from
the Midland main line to the Tinsley line.
22nd June, 2008.

Galleries 6 to 15 are sets of images taken during a multi-part walk, retracing
the steps of the old GCR route from the Beighton/Killamarsh area in Sheffield's East,
to Sheffield Victoria, Thurgoland, Penistone, Hazelhead, Dunford Bridge, Woodhead then
on to Crowden and Torside where the extent of my walking finished...
All this was undertaken during the Winter, Spring And Summer of 2008 whilst I was
over in the UK visiting family on an extended visit (of 10 months as it turned out!)

15: 0 - 122 11.GCR-Killamarsh_Beighton.
Back to the 'other end' of the line at Beighton and Killamarsh.
These images were taken during the period that maintenance work
on the Bradway Tunnel South of Sheffield, was being undertaken.
Trains were being diverted to the North of Sheffield from
the South, via the Midland main line from Tapton and
through Beighton and Woodhouse to MeadowHall and Sheffield North.
15th Sept, 2008.
14: 0 - 33 10.GCR-Crowden_Torside.
Moving on from Woodhead along the TPT, one reaches
the old station bulding and crossing at Crowden at the
end of Woodhead and beginning of Torside reservoirs.
Part of the station building was being renovated.
The last location reached during this period.
21st July, 2008.
13: 0 - 27 09.GCR-Woodhead.
The end of the Trail at the East side of the Pennines
means moving over to the West side and Woodhead.
The images recount the changes made since the line
was finally closed in the early 80's. The guy in the
orange T-shirt was one time signalman at The Woodhead
(and other boxes).
2nd July, 2008.
12: 0 - 69 08.GCR-Dunford_Hazelhead.
Moving on from Penistone & Hazelhead, along
the TPT, more images from Hazelhead, then this
section of the walk reached Dunford Bridge.
A rather splendid set of photos 2nd/21st July, 2008.
11: 0 - 22 07.GCR-Penistone.
Having arrived at Penistone, more images,
this time of the old Power Control Centre
at the side of the GCR line. A rather nice
20's style building well maintained by
the present owners..
21st July, 2008.
10: 0 - 78 06.GCR-Oxspring_Peniston_Hazlehead.
A beautiful walk along the ex-GCR now
Trans-Penine trail from Oxspring via
Penistone to Hazelhead.
15th July, 2008.
9: 0 - 35 05.GCR-Thurgoland.
On the Trans-Penine Trail at Thurgoland.
Walking along the GCR line towards Oxspring
Showing the 2 tunnels at Thurgoland
23rd April, 2008.
8: 0 - 121 04.GCR-Sheffield_Victoria.
Around Sheffield Victoria along the last
remaining platform. An excellent gallery
showing much detail that is now almost gone. There are also videos for this part...
26th August, 2008.
7: 0 - 18 03.GCR-Woodhouse.
Around Woodhouse Junction Signal Box
and Woodhouse Station. Some maintenance work
was being carried out on the line and points.
30th August, 2008.
6: 0 - 65 02.GCR-Beighton.
Along the GCR line from Beighton to Killamarsh Station.
View of ex-GCR lattice girder bridge, crossing the
Midland line, the ex-LDECR line into Lincolnshire
and the Midland main Line, still in use of course.
21st August, 2008.
5: 0 - 45 01.Bakewell.
From the old station building along the
Monsal trail to Monsal Head. Passing Hassop
and Longstone Stations and on to the Tunnels
at Monsal head and Millers Dale.
7th July, 2008.

4: 0 - 30 Rotherham North Midland Rail. July 2005.
Ickles Viaduct where NMR crosses GC line.
Catcliffe/Treeton Junction and Tinsley Sorting Sidings,
3: 0 - 90 St Ives to Ely Branch Line (GER), including
St Ives, Bluntisham, Earith, Sutton, Haddenham,
Wilburton, Stretham & Thetford
2: 0 - 122 St Ives to Cambridge Branch Line (GER), including
St Ives, Swavesey, Over, Longstanton, Oakington & Cambridge.
1: 0 - 98 Images of Holmes Junction, Rotherham Masboro
(Midland) Railway Station, Sheffield Midland,
Central & Westgate Lines seen in 2003/2004.
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